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Practitioner Guide to the IFM Food Plans
Dan Lukaczer, ND
Director of Medical Education


Choosing the food plan that’s right for each patient is an individualized process. The Practitioner Guide for Personalizing the IFM Therapeutic Food Plans has been something we’ve had for a while. However, late last year it received a major overhaul and rewrite, which gives me the excuse and opportunity to reintroduce this resource to you. The document is intended to help a clinician select the best dietary approach (from the food plan suites we have developed) for the specific patient’s individual needs and personal preferences. While the document could be given to a patient, it’s designed for the clinician specifically to be able to personalize a patient’s food plan in terms of the general features, the macronutrient distribution, and the appropriate caloric range (if desired). One very handy feature is a table that outlines and compares the different aspects of each plan, which greatly helps in selecting the right ‘base’ plan from which to personalize. Also included is an overview of each plan and what we consider ‘first step’ and ‘advanced therapeutic’ options. But in the end, we’ve made these plans so that each one can be further personalized for the specific patient.

You can access this tool by using the search function on the toolkit using the search term “practitioner guide.”


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