Get the Basics Right - Express Your Appreciation
People who feel appreciated are more likely to feel satisfied with your service, and more connected to your business/brand. With this in mind, take a minute to thank your customers for their business and support. A simple thank you note, e-card, discount or call can go a long way.
Automate! Automate! Automate! We know you are busy, therefore embrace automation! With marketing automation tools such as, IBM Watson Campaign Automation, you can automate customer communications such as thank you emails when a lead has subscribed to your newsletter or has made their first purchase, to a simple discount on their birthday. Businesses can struggle to find reasons to interact with their customers, therefore expressing your appreciation provides a genuine opportunity to get in touch and be remembered. Automation tools take the stress out of doing so with automated personalised messages - you'd be surprised at how easy it is. Watch how IBM Watson Campaign Automation can help you give your customers a personal touch:
      Create an Irresistible Customer Loyalty Program
A stellar rewards program can be your secret weapon for increasing your sales volume and winning the hearts of your customers. You can structure your loyalty program to reward customers for their sales volume or for their number of years as a trusted customer.
Retail solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, will help you create loyalty programs where customers can earn and redeem points when making purchases, as well as use gift cards and promotional coupons. Take a product tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail here
       Recognise Your Customers on Social Media
Recognising your customers for their special achievements is a great way to show your customers that you care about them and love what they are doing for your business and the community.
If you have recently come across an image of a customer showcasing one of your products on social media, don’t ignore these! A simple share, like or appreciation comment of the post can make your customers feel valued and encourage them to interact more with your brand. Social media management tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Social Engagement, can help you quickly filter through social media posts based on a particular tag so you can acknowledge customers that are interested in making a purchase or who have already made a purchase with your company. Watch how you can cut through the noise and filter through social media posts with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Social Engagement:
      Seek Your Customers' Input
Requesting your customers' feedback shows that you value their input and are actively taking steps to do more of what customers love, and less of what they dislike.
You can request customer feedback through social media surveys or by simply asking them for their input. When you connect survey tools, such as "Voice of the Customer" in Microsoft Dynamics 365, to campaign automation software, you can automate surveys to be emailed after a certain customer activity, such as after a customer receives a delivery or makes an online purchase. At MicroChannel, we can help make your survey automation a breeze - speak to us today to find out more information.
See how you can seek your customers' input with "Voice of the Customer" in Microsoft Dynamics 365:
   Personalise Your Communications
Your customers spend countless hours reviewing reports, data, and dry e-mail messages. Loving this type of information is not easy for customers, but you can make it easy for them to love you!
Integrated marketing software, such as the IBM Watson Marketing Suite, can help your business give your customers a glimpse into your personality with personalised content. IBM Watson Marketing helps you understand your customer's better, so you can give your customers some love with content they actually want to see!
      Provide Support with Love
Customer service should be a top priority for your business. Whether you sell directly to consumers or specialise in B2B sales, your customers deserve red carpet treatment. Going that extra mile with your service helps customers get the most out of their investment and sets the foundation for their continued loyalty.
Self-service web portals is one way businesses can ensure they are providing the quality service and support that customers thrive for. For example, the self-service web portals in Dynamics 365, can help customers easily create cases online for product issues and find the answers they need - often without having to get in touch with a service rep! When a customer creates a case, recommended knowledge articles are suggested, allowing the customer to quickly find the answer to their problem. This 24/7 access to information, not only enhances customer satisfaction but also saves your business on service costs. Here are 6 reasons why you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 self-service web portals to provide top support:
Offer Exclusives
Giving your customers exclusive access to promotions, sneak previews, and special pricing shows your top customers that you appreciate the extra mile that they have gone to support your business.
IBM Watson Marketing Insights can help you set up dynamic lists that meet a certain criteria, such as those that have made regular purchases - so you can easily send loyal customers exclusive offers via email. The beauty of criteria based dynamic lists, is that customers are automatically added or removed from marketing lists based on their interaction history with your company.

Customers are individuals, therefore it is unlikely that all offers will tick the box of all your customer base. Sit back and relax as the right customers receive the most relevant offers with dynamically populated lists and automated communications. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you decide to send your customers some love through social media, loyalty programs or a simple birthday discount, there are many simple yet appreciated ways to win their hearts without breaking the bank or taking up all your time. We invite you to contact us to learn how you can express your appreciation with the latest business technology. At MicroChannel we have a team of experienced developers that can design, customise and connect your business technology together, allowing you to get a complete view of your customers - so you can always send customers some personalised love!

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