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DairyNZ Important Information
This update is only used for important information which effect the Dairy Industry as a whole. 
NZAEL Newsletters

Updates on topics of interest as well as NZAEL's progress in developing, promoting and delivering genetic evaluation for dairy cattle.
SmartSAMM Updates

Providing information on minimising mastitis and SmartSAMM developments.

Spreading the word

Providing information for Rural Professional on effluent management

Focus Farm Updates
DairyNZ work with a number of farms across the country to provide dairy farming information throughout the season. This valuable information is shared with New Zealand dairy farmers.
Northland Focus Farm
Northland focus farms updates are from  
Hauraki Plains

These are updates from the focus farm located at...
Bay of Plenty Focus Farms

Are updates from the Bay of Plenty focus farm. 
Tauhara Moana Monitor Farm

Are updates from the partner monitor farms based in the Bay of Plenty. 
Taranaki Focus Farm

Are updates from the focus farms in the Taranaki region. 

Regional Events, Updates & Adverse Events
Regional updates are email updates specific to each region... 
North Waikato
South Waikato
Bay of Plenty
Lower North Island
Top of South Island/Westcoast
Canterbury/North Otago
Southland/South Otago


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