All corporate or affiliate events involving AANEM meeting attendees must be submitted to AANEM for review. Only companies exhibiting at the AANEM annual meeting are eligible to host an affiliate event. If an event is approved by AANEM, a meeting access fee may be charged, based on the timing and space requirements of the event (see additional information below).
Company Hosting the Event*
Name of Event*
Indicate the date and time for the requested event. A separate request must be submitted for multiple events.
There are no AANEM events scheduled during the following times and these periods should be utilized for larger group meetings and events:
Tuesday - all day (be aware, AANEM board of directors and committee chairs meet from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm)
Wednesday - after 7:00 pm
Thursday - after 6:30 pm
Friday - after 5:30 pm
Saturday - after 12:30 pm
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Indicate the approximate total number of attendees as well as who will be attending the event/meeting (check all that apply).
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Provide the venue details below. Meeting access fees only apply to your event if you request space at the conference hotel. Conference hotel space is limited and subject to availability.
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ACCESS FEES: Staff Meetings held at the resort ($500); Investigator Meeting/KOL Event held at the resort ($2,500); Social Event held at the resort ($2,500); Dinner Event held at the resort (Cost TBD); Nonprofit Committee or Board Meeting (No Cost); Events held offsite (No Cost).
Room's Requested Setup*
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By submitting this request, you acknowledge on behalf of your company and the hosting company, that all expenses associated with your requested affiliate event are the responsibility of the requesting and hosting companies.
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