COVID After Vaccine: Anecdotal Reporting

One of the issues that emergency physicians are interested in is how effective the vaccines are, especially with several variants that are emerging. 

If you have evaluated patients who have been vaccinated and now have presumed or confirmed COVID-19, please complete this form (it should take less than 2 minutes). 

The data from your feedback will be used in aggregate to help inform additional resources and studies. 

In addition to filling out this short form, please culture the patient (RT-PCR) and have the lab send the specimen to your local health department marked "suspected vaccine breakthrough." 

This should help track geographic distribution of vaccine breakthroughs to discover trends in certain areas. It can take 3 to 6 weeks for samples to have genomic analysis, so the information you provide on this form can serve as an early alert system.
Patient's age
Patient's sex
State where patient was seen?
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Which vaccine?
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Number of shots
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Approximate date of patient's last shot - DD/MM/YEAR
Date of COVID-19 symptom onset - DD/MM/YEAR
How was COVID diagnosed?
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What was the patient's disposition?
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Any other information that may be important to note: