What is the location of your primary practice ED?*
What is the nature of your primary place of practice?*
What areas are you currently challenged with in the setting of the COVID-19 outbreak? Check all that apply.*
Screening patients in triage
Negative pressure room capacity for isolation of suspected or confirmed cases
Shortages in N95 masks
Training staff around proper personal protective equipment (PPE) use
Shortages in COVID-19 diagnostic kits
Keeping track of guidance around criteria for testing for COVID-19
ED critical care capacity for treating suspected or confirmed cases with severe illness
Provider work absenteeism
Increased patient volume due to worried well patients presenting to the ED
Suspected or confirmed COVID-19 transfers from other EDs
Getting calls from the community with questions about COVID-19
Controlling public messaging around COVID-19
All of the above
None of the above
What areas are the current challenges in your ED regarding provision of critical care? Check all that apply.*
Physician staffing
Nurse staffing
Respiratory therapy staffing
Ventilator capacity
ED boarding of critical care patients
All of the above
None of the above
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