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Fast-Forward your digital transformation with data-first modernization and All Cloud Infrastructure powered by HPE GreenLake .


All Lines and HPE brings a unified cloud experience to apps and data wherever it resides, and unleashing data as a lifeforce for companies to create rich experiences, accelerate decision velocity, and deliver continuous innovation to move their business forward, faster.


Every business is grappling with data-how to secure it, manage it, and get as much value from it as possible. But that's not easy when data lives everywhere from edge to cloud. So IT leaders are faced with a choice: keep their data and applications where they are, or move them all to cloud? Both come with trade offs, and there is no easy answer.


But what if they didn't have to choose? What if they could stay and go? The creative concept centers around the pain point of choosing between tradeoffs, shedding light on a new choice-one where they can get all the benefits of the cloud but on their terms



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