Do you know if your Office 365 Environment is Secure and Backed Up? 

For many companies, Office 365 is the first cloud service embraced across their organization. Adoption of Office 365 drives collaboration and innovation for your organization and a large portion of organizational data typically exists in the services offered by Office 365, such as Email, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.
All Lines Technology is offering Security Assessments that will review your Office 365 tenant’s current setup and offer recommendations and next steps plans for implementing additional features that would improve the security posture of your cloud presence with Office 365.
  • Identity and Authentication review
  • Auditing enablement and review of current logging if applicable
  • Review of account permissions currently assigned to users
  • Security Score Review
  • Review of supported protocols that can access mail to remove/limit legacy protocols
  • High level security review of mobile device management, if applicable.
  • High level security review of Spam filter and/or mail archiving appliances, if applicable.
  • Review of exchange rules and mail flow, including SPF, DKIM, DMARC
  • Discussion of current backup solution to confirm it is providing recovery protection in the event of an incident.