The coronavirus pandemic has imposed a substantial shock on public health and the economy and has significantly strained business resources.

We provide you with a forecast of your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow by month to provide you with a view of the future.
Income Statement
  • While we don’t know what the economy, industry demand, or sales will look like, we provide illustrations and scenarios based on the past, your view of the future, and the potential impact of the pandemic.
  • Although not desired, layoffs, expense cuts, and investment deferrals can reduce the strain on profits and margins. We model the impact of such actions on performance.
Balance Sheets
  • Most small- and medium-sized businesses are operated conservatively and were well capitalized prior to the pandemic. Many have the cash and credit availability to withstand short-term shocks.
  • We provide views of liquidity, solvency, and balance sheet health via several scenarios, and, assuming several capital sources, they are evaluated and considered part of your business’s pandemic response.
Cash Flows
  • Our services provide you with a view of cash flow based on several potential future performance scenarios.
  • Learn how your business can withstand strain caused by the pandemic. We outline the circumstances under which capital will be needed by your business, including the timing and magnitude of such needs.
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