Toyota 12V Battery Recycling

Toyota has partnered with Call2Recycle to support dealers with a FREE OF CHARGE recycling method for 12 Volt Lithium Ion batteries.  Batteries will be shipped in compliance with DOT and EPA regulations and responsibly recycled through the Call2Recycle program.  There is NO CHARGE TO DEALERS at any point during this recycling/shipping process.

To Get Started

Determine which kit you need:

Do you have the original box that the new 12V lithium battery arrived in?


Is the box in good condition suitable for reuse in regulated transportation?

Not sure? Review the  Criteria for Box Reuse.

If you answered YES to both questions: Select ‘Battery Recycling Label Pack’ below and Call2Recycle will send you regulatory and shipping labels for use with the original box. DO NOT discard the box as you will use it to return the battery.

If you answered NO to one or more questions: if you do not have the original box or it is not suitable for reuse in regulated transportation, select ‘New Battery Recycling Kit’ below. Call2Recycle will send you a new battery recycling kit, which will contain everything you need to return the battery compliantly and safely for recycling.

Complete the Form: Now that you know which kit you need, complete the form below to place your order. Your preferred recycling kit will arrive in 5-7 business days.

Prepare Kit for Shipping: Upon receipt of your kit, follow the provided step-by-step instructions to properly prepare and ship the old battery. When received by Call2Recycle’s sorter, the battery will be recorded and responsibly recycled.

For additional assistance, please contact Call2Recycle’s dedicated representative at or via phone at 1-888-528-0107.

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