Tecplot 360 Basics Certification Test

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Answer all 20 questions and upload your plot. Each question has one and only one correct answer.
1. What is (are) Tecplot's data format file extension(s)*
2. What is the easiest way to load multiple files?*
3. After the data is loaded, Tecplot automatically displays...*
4. What is the easiest and most interactive way to change the display of a zone?*
5. The Zone style dialog allows...*
6. How many contour groups can be defined in Tecplot 360?*
7. How is a slice precisely positioned?*
8. Streamtraces can be positioned...*
9. When a slice is extracted...*
10. A page can be renamed...*

You are half way done! Good job! 
11. Which Tecplot 360 configuration is NOT possible/*
12. Where can the plot type (XY, 2D, 3D) be changed?*
13. Where are the X and Y variables defined in a 2D plot?*
14. Frames can be linked in...*
15. How is the axis of a 2D plot modified?*
16. In the Equations dialog, how can a variable be referred to?*
17. Where does a new variable appear when it is calculated using the Equations dialog?*
18. Which image formats are supported?*
19. An animation can be performed on...*

Upload the image you exported from Tecplot 360 during the training. It should look similar to the image below.

20. Upload your plot in PNG or JPG format*
Your file should be named "TPTrainingYourName", where "YourName" is your first and last name. 
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