Contest Rules

There shall be three $1,500 winners each week for 12 weeks! Week 1 is the week ending 01/18/2019 and week 12 is the week ending 04/05/2019.

Each unique qualified life insurance submission to Crump through the website shall result in the submitting agent’s name being entered into the SIAA Life Made Easy - $54,000 Contest. Multiple unique submissions result in multiple entries. The same agent/producer may submit multiple applications in a week, however, they cannot be for the same client/insured.

3 names shall be drawn at random to determine the winners for the prior week. Drawings shall be completed once the necessary reporting is in place. It is anticipated that Crump will provide reports on Monday or Tuesday following each contest week. SIAA will randomly select and announce the winners on the following Friday. Each agent can win only once in any given week, therefore, although multiple unique submissions will result in greater odds of winning, there will be 3 unique winners each week.

In order to accept the prize money, the winning agents/producers must agree to provide their names, their agency names, and a recent photo of themselves. Additionally, the winning agent must agree to have this same information shared as part of our weekly communications about the contest.

In order to retain funds won, the agent may not rescind, at any time, applications submitted to Crump during the contest period. Additionally, any policies written must remain in-force for 12 months following the effective date.

SIAA reserves the right to make good faith rule adjustments as the contest plays out. Any such adjustments will not impact the total amount of winnings distributed.

Contest winners will be shared with all SIAA Member Agencies via email on a weekly basis, and posted on

For questions about this contest, Crump, or Life Insurance, please contact Jack Calabrese, Senior Vice President, SIAA Life & Benefits at

All winnings are the responsibility of the prize winner relative to income and tax reporting.