Overseas application to join Oil & Gas UK's Registered Doctors List
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Section 1a: Personal details
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Section 1b: Medical registration
Please enter the details of your medical registration with your National Medical Registration/Licencing body in the fields below to allow Oil & Gas UK to verify your registration and process your application.  

Please identify the appropriate licencing body or include a link to their registration list, and outline your registration number.  

Please also include a copy of your registration licence/certificate to allow us to process your application as quickly as possible.
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Attach a copy of your medical registration/licence from your National/State registration/licencing body.   
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Section 1c: Clinic details
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Please note: the clinic email address and telephone number entered above will be displayed on the registered doctors list on our website to allow prospective patients to get in touch with you after your application has been accepted.
Section 2: Relevant experience
For entry to the Registered Examining Doctors List applicants should show:
  1. Experience of offshore oil and gas (or remote) medicine
  2. Other relevant/transferable experience in occupational medicine
  3. That they will commence working under the direct supervision of a doctor already on the registered doctors list
  4. Other relevant applicable experience
Please select the option that best describes your practice in occupational medicine*
If you selected 3 or 4 above, please state your main area of clinical practice:
Section 2b: Your personal relevant experience
Please describe your experience, past and present, in offshore oil and gas medicine*
Please describe your experience, past and present, in any other form of remote medicine*
Please describe your present activities in occupational medicine*
Please describe your reason(s) for requesting entry to the examining doctor list (i.e. what are the circumstances that require you to undertake Oil & Gas UK medicals?)*
Section 2c: Your practice
How would you describe your organisation?*
If you selected Other, please indicate your organisation type below
Section 3: Facilities
The Guidelines for Medical Aspects of Fitness for Offshore Work require the following
assessments to be carried out:
  1. Clinical and occupational history
  2. Height, weight and body mass index
  3. Visual acuity
  4. Urinalysis
  5. Audiometry, to standards defined in BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010, and British Society of Audiology Recommended Procedure for Pure-tone air-conduction threshold audiometry, with and without masking [Sept 2011] (http://bit.ly/BSApta)
  6. Appropriate relevant clinical examination, to include an assessment of dental health.
  7. Additional tests if indicated.
Please provide the following details:

Audiometer make and model, acoustic booth details and other relevant information relating to meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010*
Attach a copy of your most recent audiometer calibration certificate. Applications submitted without a certificate will not be processed  
Audiometer certificate upload*

Certain offshore workers may be designated as emergency response team members and require a higher level of physical fitness than standard offshore workers. The Medical Guidelines require these workers to undergo further evaluation including a fitness test and determination of VO2 max. This may be by Chester Step Test or any other suitable testing method.
Provide details of VO2 max test to be used*
Section 4: Declaration
By clicking submit below, I certify that the above information is correct. If included on the Registered Examining Doctors List, I agree to adhere to the Oil & Gas UK Guidelines for Medical Aspects of Fitness for Offshore Work and to have my services audited by Oil & Gas UK.