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Fight the Top Five Turf Diseases With One Simple Solution

Harness the power of a streamlined fungicide management program with Densicor® — the new DMI that provides next-level control of the top five most problematic diseases* without thinning your turf. Densicor controls dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, gray leaf spot, snow mold and other harmful diseases in one simple solution.

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Hard on Dollar Spot. Safe on Turf.

Nothing wreaks havoc on a beautiful golf course like dollar spot. Left unchecked, those clusters of small, round, straw-colored grass can quickly make fairways unsightly. Densicor® provides excellent control of this disease with no turf injury or thinning.

Strong Control of Brown Patch.

For cool season turfgrass species, brown patch can cause significant damage to fairways. With Densicor®, you get strong control over brown patch for up to 21 days — giving you one less thing to worry about.

Elevate Your Game Against Anthracnose.

The large, irregular-shaped yellow patches caused by anthracnose are an eyesore on an otherwise pristine golf course. Densicor® offers strong control of this prolific disease.

The Smart Choice for Gray Leaf Spot.

Do you have drought-stressed turf no amount of water seems to fix? Sounds like gray leaf spot. With an ultra-low use rate, Densicor® is a powerful game changer in controlling gray leaf spot and other major foliar diseases, allowing you to treat more acres for less.

Snuff Out Snow Mold.

While golfers celebrate the end of winter, you know that extended periods of cold and snow mean your fairways are at risk for Microdochium patch and snow mold when everything thaws. Densicor® helps protect turfgrass against tough diseases like snow mold.

Powerful Disease Control That Won't Thin Your Turf.

Densicor® offers excellent turf safety for greens, fairways and tees in cool and warm season turf, allowing you to tackle the top five turf diseases and more across the course without worry.

Cover More Acreage With One Simple Solution.

With exceptional control of the top five turf diseases and remarkable safety for greens, fairways and tees, Densicor® has an ultra-low use rate (one bottle treats six acres) that allows you to spray less product even as you cover more turf.