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As 2021 comes to a close, we thank you for the trust and confidence you place in us. TrueNorth consists of nearly 400 passionate, driven, brilliant individuals – each charged with finding solutions and delivering value. It’s been our privilege to navigate this year with you. We wish you every happiness this holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


December 15 | Ergonomics & Workplace Stressors

Join TrueNorth and Dr. Chirstopher Iverson from The University of Iowa for a conversation focused on worksite accident prevention. Keep your workers safe on the job! 


For 20 years, everything TrueNorth does and stands for ultimately hinges on providing you value:

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We routinely help organizations implement claims management technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce overall costs.


TrueNorth’s iNERGY RMIS claims management platform can transform your conventional methods and automate tasks, workflows and dashboards while giving you real-time data to measure and manage your business. Learn how here

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2022 is fast approaching. Is your company prepared? 


We may be ready to close out the year and celebrate the holidays, but with new regulations effective January, is your company prepared to comply?


Both the Consolidated Appropriations Act and the OSHA Vaccination ETS present some real challenges for employers. To learn more about these regulations and how TrueNorth can help, click here.

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Ransomware attacks have become a real and growing threat to business owners. 


Most General Liability coverages don't cover cyber attacks. Unfortunately, it's not a matter of "IF" you fall victim, but "WHEN." Reach out to us today to learn about our Cyber Risk Review to determine what you can do to strengthen your company's cyber resilience.

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This holiday season we give thanks to our Truck Drivers!


Our Transportation Division is uniquely aware of sacrifices truck drivers make. Through the holiday season, there is no break. In fact, the industry picks up steam as more goods need to be delivered. Our Independent Advantage brand is there to share truckers’ stories, thank our drivers and give them the resources they need to operate their businesses. Be a part of our community!

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