Please complete the following order form to request specialized drums for damaged, defective, or recalled batteries.  It is important to package the batteries correctly. Please refer to your Lithium Ion Battery Management Information Kit for instructions!
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These drums are used to ship damaged and defective Lithium Ion batteries only.  A battery is categorized as such if its damaged (swelling, cracked, exposed or broken terminals) or identified by the manufacturer as being defective or non-compliant for safety reasons and/or has the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire, or short circuit.  Each kit includes 1 55-Gal Drum and liner, 3 bags of CellBlock EX Fire Suppressant, 2 bags for bagging batteries and all required marks and labels to use the Call2Recycle CellBlock DOT Special Permit 20549. Each drum holds up to 2 batteries. Please package and ship batteries immediately upon receipt of container.

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