PETITION: CSU Needs Systemwide Policies, Leadership for Safe Fall Term

CSUEU supports vaccination as a key component to the safe re-opening of CSU campuses to support staff, faculty, students and members of the public. However, the Office of the Chancellor is allowing campus administrators to implement the recent vaccination mandate with no uniform standards, creating unnecessary chaos and confusion and potentially endangering our health and safety.

With the Fall Term commencing within days, employees returning to work onsite are raising critical questions about workplace safety while campus Presidents and Human Resources are struggling with answers. What is the protocol for separating the vaccination-exempted employees from the fully vaccinated? Given reports of rising infections from the Delta variant even among the vaccinated, shouldn’t we test everyone? Can I continue to telework if I can perform my job effectively from home, as I have for the past 18 months?

With this petition, we demand that the Chancellor’s Office provide systemwide leadership backed with coherent system-wide policies by:
  • Ceasing unilateral implementation of an unnegotiated vaccination policy.
  • Continuing to offer telework to protect employee safety.
  • Providing access to testing for all employees.
  • Offering pandemic sick leave for all affected individuals.
With proactive all-hands-on-deck collaboration, we were able to successfully steer the CSU through an unprecedented crisis in 2020. The crisis remains one year later. The Chancellor must take immediate steps to help protect the lives and livelihoods of students, faculty, staff, and their families. To support our petition, please add your name below.

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