The current state of CMMC

Forward movement of the DIB, Despite the Unknowns
Early in November 2021, CMMC 2.0 was announced, and the changes are significant. What has changed? What hasn’t changed? Considering some of the strenuous objections to the changes that have been announced, what future modifications can be anticipated?


The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) has been preparing for CMMC since the framework concept was announced in mid-2019. Contractors and subcontractors engaged in proactive mapping and re-mapping, planning, and implementation of cybersecurity controls as updated versions of CMMC were released every few months, culminating in the release of Version 1.02 in March 2020. Internal audits have been conducted, POAMs have been carefully planned and updated, and SSP’s have been refined in an effort to meet the stringent requirements of the framework’s looming third-party audits and maintain eligibility to bid on Federal contracts and subcontracts. Read more...


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