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Leading Insights, News, and Knowledge this bi-weekly email newsletter delivers the newest, most relevant information in global business education to members and subscribers. As a content hub for numerous and industry publication platforms, LINK keeps members current on AACSB news and trending issues in business education.

Accreditation Notices
Accreditation notices include announcements of schools receiving initial accreditation or extending accreditation, or other accreditation announcements. Where applicable, these notices also include information for volunteers, such as the quarterly newsletter.

Data and Research Notices
AACSB continuously monitors the business education industry for significant issues, challenges, trends, and new developments through special task force-driven research reports or data-driven industry analysis.Deselecting this box does not opt you out of DataDirect collection and data release announcements, which are based on your access level as granted in the AACSB DataDirect portal. 

Event Notices
Event notices are regular emails or updates regarding the different AACSB events taking place around the world. Please note, this includes emails relating to all AACSB professional development-related events, such as our conferences, seminars, symposiums, webinars, and more.

Job and Career Notices
This includes b-school job opportunities or career-related data delivered through AACSB's Career Connection.

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