Assist - support and assistance from Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts

OpsisAssist is a combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 training support, ongoing Microsoft Dynamics 365 training by experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, and day-to-day Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration.


  • Your users' questions will be answered by people who understand your business, who can explain users questions in Microsoft Dynamics 365, not just how to click around it.
  • You will be advised on ways to get more from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 – in ways that purely technical people often do not see.
  • Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 will become streamlined so it really melds with your business.
  • Experts will be able to solve issues more quickly than your own IT team, saving time for both users and IT.
  • An ongoing review will identify opportunities for automation, better reports and stronger processes, saving yet more time.
"Opsis were extremely professional throughout the process, demonstrating an excellent grasp of both business and technical issues. Their work was detailed and accurate, and they were proactive in communicating the changes inevitable in such a large project to all stakeholders."
Colin Hickling
ICT/Program/Project Management Consultant, NSW Department of Finance - Lands & Property Information