Opsis Scoping Workshop Resources

Good CRM projects start with good scoping. Cover all the issues with our Worksheet and Facilitator's Guide.
Before you start your CRM journey, you and your team need to know where you are going and what success looks like.

Make your scoping a success by:
  • understanding the opportunities CRM offers
  • selecting appropriate workshop attendees
  • structuring sessions effectively
  • agreeing the big picture CRM issues
  • knowing where detailed data is required
  • covering all business and technical aspects of a project
PLUS a 13-page worksheet to guide your team through the workshop and capture all the information you need to create your project scope.
Gill "Walks on Water" when it comes to CRM and I know that she will ask you to define what you really mean and want by CRM. She will beat you into submission and you will come off the canvas with a much clearer idea of what will suit your needs.
Jack Fraenkel
Managing Director - Motivatories