Scoping Workshop for Dynamics 365

Get the solution that best fits your business

The Opsis Dynamics 365 scoping workshop gives you the opportunity to review your processes and to ensure that they are as you want them to be going forward before we implement them into your new solution.

Scoping is more than a woolly list of vague requirements. It should look at:
  • The key aims of the project - what must be delivered if the project is to be deemed a success
  • Your customer-facing business processes
  • The reports and dashboards that you need to manage your customers
  • The data that may need to be brought in to Dynamics 365
  • Any documents that you may be able to get Dynamics 365 to help you produce
  • The users who will be using Dynamics 365
Gill "Walks on Water" when it comes to CRM and I know that she will ask you to define what you really mean and want by CRM. She will beat you into submission and you will come off the canvas with a much clearer idea of what will suit your needs.
Jack Fraenkel
Managing Director - Motivatories