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"I especially like making esoteric information easily understandable for everyone, even if they know nothing about CRM, technology or IT".
Gill Walker is your first choice for speaking to an audience about CRM (Customer Relationship Management). She speaks to a range of audiences, in person and virtually, about CRM - the philosophy and methodology of success, rather than the technology - and sometimes about Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Gill solves complex problems within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and ClickDimensions, challenges which often lead to user adoption issues. If you are a CIO, CFO, CEO, or other decision-maker tasked with making Dynamics 365 successful, Gill will help.
As a speaker, presenter, educator, advisor, trainer, consultant, and mentor, Gill loves working with organisations to ensure their success with their CRM projects.
"An accomplished speaker, excellent trainer, and possessing deep domain knowledge of the challenges faced when implementing sales and marketing platforms ensure you get immense value from just a 30 minute conversation. Spending a day with Gill will change how you approach software project delivery forever."
Andrew Prosser
Principal Consultant, Artis Group