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Stop Heat Exchanger Tube Leaks Before They Stop You

Tube Vibration is a leading cause of tube leaks. Tube seal weld cracks and tubesheet cracks are also main sources. As a result, leaks can occur on individual tube, entire rows or regions within the heat exchanger and cause failure.

Large or small, tube leaks can compromise thermal performance, create cross-contamination, increase energy usage, and lead to serious plant capacity loss and/or shutdowns. Additionally, plant personnel can be exposed to hazardous materials and equipment can sustain serious damage.

Superior Solution

EST Group's Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plug is a proven performer in highly corrosive and severe service conditions. Their hydraulic installation can significantly reduce turnaround/downtime, as no welding is necessary. Our Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs are available in over 35 different alloys to match your heat exchanger tube material avoiding thermal expansion contraction issues, and undesirable galvanic corrosion. l