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The following terms and conditions apply:
  • For Esri products:
  • For Esri UK products:
    • For Esri UK's Online Services: see the 'Esri UK Managed Cloud and Online Service Terms' at esriuk.com/legal.
    • For Esri UK software: see the 'Esri UK Software Licence Agreement' at esriuk.com/legal.
    • For both Esri UK Managed Cloud and Online Service and Esri UK software, the following Educational Use Special Term shall apply, and in the event of conflict, shall take precedence over the aforementioned terms and conditions for Esri UK products.

      Educational Use Special Term
      Licensee may only use the Software and/or Online Services (as applicable) for teaching, research, education and learning, administration and management of the business of the Licensee's organisation, and the preparation of course materials is for instruction only. This shall exclude (a) consultancy work or services leading to commercial exploitation of the Software and/or Online Services and (b) work of significant benefit to the employer of students on industrial placement or part-time courses. Commercial exploitation is the use of Product for monetary gain either by the Institution or an individual.

      Licensee may use, subject to compliance with all applicable export laws and regulations, the Esri UK products worldwide, and the definition of Territory shall be amended accordingly.

      The Esri UK Products are licensed on a term (non-perpetual) basis. The applicable 'Term' of the product shall commence upon the date of Licence grant hereunder and shall, unless terminated earlier, expire on 31 July 2023, whereupon the Licence shall terminate.
  • For support and maintenance of both Esri products and Esri UK software: see the 'Esri UK Standard Support Policy' at esriuk.com/legal.
  • For any other Esri or Esri UK products, or Esri UK services (including professional consultancy services, or Esri UK training services), shall be subject to separate contractual arrangements, the terms and conditions for which shall be made available on request.
I confirm acceptance of, and agreement to, the terms and conditions referenced above; and I confirm that I am duly authorised to accept such terms on behalf of the Licensee / Institution detailed above*