The longest tenured transparent classification system in the industry and the ONLY system that allows you to continually improve productivity and identify best practice opportunities by comparing your acuity data with other organizations. AcuityPlus combines research-based patient classification methodologies (Inpatient, Mental Health, Perinatal, Emerge, and Ambulatory) and a unique staffing framework to help you optimize staffing assignments, reduce unplanned overtime, improve staff satisfaction, reduce length of stay, improve patient outcomes...and much more, all while helping you achieve a 3% variance in your nursing budget.
Meaningful Benefits Include


Powerful analytics to assist management in financial decision making
At a 557-inpatient community health system with 261 skilled nursing beds, year ROI was $659K to the bottom line in agency and overtime, plus an additional $241K shift incentive reduction


Optimizes staffing by matching caregiver skills to patient needs
Promotes equitable workload-based assignments
Enhances staff satisfaction and retention


Improves patient safety and overall outcomes
On days when actual RN staffing hours are less than 95% of AcuityPlus recommended RN staffing, the likelihood of a medication error is 13%. On an Ortho Unit, on days when the RN staffing is between 95-100% of AcuityPlus recommended staffing, this drops to 2%
The 5 Rights of Staffing are essential to a healthcare organization's ability to achieve an optimum balance between cost, quality, and safety. A major factor in this balance is nurse staffing to meet patient acuity, a key component of AcuityPlus.
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