The AcuityPlus National Benchmarking Data Book is the ONLY evidence-based benchmarking data book on the market, including an annual compilation of data encompassing more than 44 distinct clinical specialties!
It is usually only available to our clients, but in honor of Nurses Week and the extra challenges faced by the nursing industry this year with COVID-19, we are offering an exclusive sample of our 2019 Data Book to you at no cost!
With our Data Book, you can:
  • Identify opportunities to improve your performance
  • Compare your performance with similar organizations across the country to enhance your performance improvement activities
  • Pinpoint best practice options exclusively through acuity-adjusted benchmarking
  • ...and much more!
Get your sample of the 2020 National Nurses Week Edition of the AcuityPlus National Benchmarking Database 2019 Inpatient Data Book now!
Once you've seen the trends, statistics, and research within your sample Data Book, let's continue the conversation! 
We'd love the opportunity to discuss how any of the AcuityPlus methodologies could benefit your organization.