Thank you for you interest in donating to United Way for Southeastern Michigan through a distribution from your IRA. 

A Qualified Distribution (QCD), also known as an IRA Charitable Rollover Gift, is a direct transfer of funds from an individual’s IRA account to a qualified charity. Individuals age 70½ or older can make distributions from their IRA directly to charity and avoid income tax. A QCD is one of the most tax-efficient ways for donors older than 70 ½ to make charitable gifts. 

Please consult your financial advisor or other professional to determine if an IRA Charitable Rollover Gift is right for you. Here are all of the details.

Our federal employer identification number (EIN) is 20-3099071.

Please mail your distribution along with any other supporting documentation directly to the following address:  

United Way for Southeastern Michigan  
P.O. Box 77398  
Detroit, MI 48277   

Questions? Contact Ashleigh Imerman at or 313-226-9333.

Please enter the details of your gift below so we can properly acknowledge your gift, ensure that your gift is accurately accounted for in your donor record, and invite you to join our affinity groups. 

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