Resignation from the RMLS

To Minneapolis Area REALTORS®:

I am submitting to you my resignation from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of the Minneapolis Area REALTORS® (MAR) as the Responsible Member of the Office ID # indicated below. I understand that if I am staying with the company listed in a salesperson capacity, I will still have access to the MLS through my broker.

I further understand that if I reinstate my MLS as the Responsible Member, I will pay a reinstatement fee of $100.00.

Upon acceptance of this resignation by MAR, I understand that if I am cancelling my MAR membership as well as my MLS access, I am to remove any reference of being a member of the MLS from my advertisements, signs, cards, letterheads, presentation books and any and all other printed means.

I also understand that in order to complete my resignation, I am responsible for payment of all outstanding charges relating to my membership in the MLS, net of any termination credits applicable.

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