AI Startups in the Middle East: Leading Smart City Innovation 

Watch the Virtual Summit in Replay

Watch in Replay PNY's Virtual Summit presented in collaboration with NVIDIA Inception, Smartcow, Dezzex and Thakaa Center !

Our cities are changing. By using AI and EDGE devices our cities are safer and better than ever, and startups are playing a major role in this digital transformation. Our Virtual AI Summit will showcase the booming Middle Eastern AI startup community, featuring world-class projects happening now and planned for the future.


Covered Topics:

- How NVIDIA Inception is accelerating  AI, data science and HPC startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.

- PNY Technologies Europe's technological offering, for use in real scenarios within a smart city.

- The journey of a successful AI Startup, including the struggles and knowledge acquired on their way to success.

- Better visibility of the startup community in the Middle East.

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Alexander Martynau – AI Startups Community Manager at NVIDIA

Alexander Martynau is Community Manager of NVDIA Inception program for AI startups. With background in Sales & Communication and a passion for accelerated computing, he has been helping startups adopt NVIDIA platform solutions for the last 3+ years. Lately focusing on the rapidly growing MENA startup ecosystem, Alexander identifies future AI champions and helps them scale using cutting-edge NVIDIA technology.

Sajjad Kamal – CTO of Thakaa Center
Sajjad will share an overview of the work done in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Thakaa Center, innovation centers of the General Authority for SMEs (Monshaat), unlocking the potential of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity to support entrepreneurs build cutting edge prototypes and SMEs



Ravi Kiran.K - Founder and CEO of SmartCow, and AI engineering company based in Malta and India.

Founder of Scaled up startup from Inception Program. Ravi's area of expertise is information security, machine learning, C/C++.
The company specializes in AI on the edge, AIoT, Video analytics.


Mohammed Shahid Khan - CEO & Co -Founder of Dezzex (an NVIDIA Inception ubator startup)

Mohammed his area of expertise are artificial intelligence and Blockchain. He started his research career working with satellite data analysis using dual frequency receivers and later on also worked with remote sensing data. He participated with balloon expirements, tracking and dataanlysis.  He was part of  some of the most exciting projects work being done at IBM with cognitive services, IBM Watson. In his previous role as Vice President of Blinking he lead team to build highly scalable products, the company was later acquired.


Mohammed Ali Hamami - AI Edge & Iot Program Manager
Currently EDGE AI & IoT Program Manager at PNY Technologies and previously Head of the Virtual Reality Section at Qatar University, Mohamed Ali is France Chapter President of The VRAR Association he has a strong expertise in VR/AR and extensive experience in International Business Development and building partnerships across Africa, Middle East and Europe, MBA graduate and Certified Lean Coach for Startups.

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