Robotics Competitions Webinar
Learn how effective ways to introduce the topic of robotics to your students with the Robotics Competitions set from fischertechnik. This webinar is recommended for any teacher looking to start a robotics competition at the school level, enhance classroom learning, build an after-school program, or preparing students to compete at the national or international level. Improve student engagement through hands-on learning activities, these cost-effective STEM solutions can help support your academic goals.
Join Studica for "Robotics Competitions with Standards-focused Curriculum" Webinar
Date: Thursday, October 21st  Time: 3 pm - 4 pm Eastern
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Interested in Mobile Robotics?
Ready to enter a Robotics Competition?
The fischertechnik Education Robotics Competition Set is a turn-key and standards-focused solution for introducing students to the fascinating world of mobile robotics. It designed to enhance and improve performance at robotics competitions.
You’ll find 670 components in this set. Among them will be the new fischertechnik TXT Controller that offers a full-color touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. Plus, it includes items such as a USB camera, a Gyro Sensor, 2 encoder motors, 3 ultrasonic distance sensors, a color sensor, an RR trail sensor, an XS motor, a photo-transistor, a photo-resistor, a reed contact, and an NTC resistor. A license of ROBO Pro, the easy-to-use graphic programming software for fischertechnik’s robotic models, is also included.

fischertechnik Robotics

fischertechnik opens new doors of discovery and experimentation to students and experimenters of all ages using an innovative system of interlocking building blocks, motors, sensors, lights, computer controllers, and software. fischertechnik has been teaching students around the world about technology for over 50 years.

fischertechnik Education for Young Studentsfischertechnik Education offers a variety of robotics sets that cater to all levels. From elementary school through high school, from college and into industrial use, they have robotic sets appropriate for students, educators, parents, and professionals. 

What is Standards-based Curriculum?

This program also includes hours of standards-focused curriculum created by noted STEM educator, Tom White, to align with a variety of recognized standards. In being able to adhere to multiple programs, these sets can be adopted across different school districts and classrooms, while still meeting state academic requirements. 

These curricula meet the following standards:
  • College and Career Readiness Standards - for Math, Science, Reading and Writing
  • NSES Content Standards
  • Standards for Technological Literacy
  • ISTE Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards!
Learn more about teaching with fischertechnik and discover some of the additional STEM sets available.