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Email sent from Dynamics (Click Dimensions templates: Survey - CORE, Coaching for Success, RC360, RADAR 180) for Company CEO/Manager to forward to participants informing them that the anonymous assessment is coming, the importance of completion, the reason for it, and whether they will be informed of the results. This needs to be sent out to participants a day or two before the survey is sent. This email also includes a database for the participant to complete and send back to you. This completed database will be uploaded further down in this order form. 
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Please note that it is very common for the completion date to be extended due to the participant’s failure to complete the surveys.  
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We require a database to complete the CORE, Radar 180, RC360 and Coaching for Success Surveys. The participant will have received the database in the email sent through Dynamics/Click Dimensions. After entering their data and sending to you, you can upload here. This is required for a survey to be launched.  
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Each comparative data report is an additional fee. Examples of comparisons include: department, location, year over year, etc.  
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