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1. Organizational growth - I believe the organization is growing well compared to the industry.*

2. Business Flow - I believe we have enough business to keep the company busy well into the future.*

3. The organization encourages open and honest dialogue within the workplace.*

4. Our company has good internal information sharing and communication.*

5. Celebration - The organization recognizes and rewards people when things go well.*

6. Customer satisfaction - Our customers think we are terrific.*

7. Representation - I believe our salespeople represent us well to our customers.*

8. Good People Fit - I believe that generally, the company has the right people in the right roles.*

9. We have an extensive process for screening people to make sure we only hire people who fit the company and the role they are assigned to.*

10. Support - The organization gives employees support and guidance (rather than blaming) when things go wrong.*

11. Conflict - Any areas of conflict or potential disagreement are resolved and dealt with quickly.*

12. I feel that the organization is very forward thinking in its compensation and benefits program.*

13. Employee Performance - Generally speaking, throughout the company we do great work.*

14. I believe the organization has effective systems in place to ensure consistent, high quality output from everyone.*

15. Training & Development - The company has active education programs that address business issues, customer issues and operational issues for all employees.*