WSC Sustainability Awards 

The Sustainability Awards will evaluate action towards the sustainability pledges. There will be different categories – business, student, staff, department, class – culminating all in an Awards Ceremony before the end of the academic year.  *** For more information on evaluation criteria refer to the final page of this form.

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Initiative Title*
Initiative Lead Name*
If external, name of the BUSINESS/ORGANISATION*
If WSC, tell us what team, class and/or department you belong to
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Estimated Completion (dd/mm/yyyy)*
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Initiative Overview 

SUMMARY AND OBJECTIVES – Summarize the basic idea and describe briefly what you are trying to achieve with the initiative. Also explain what SDGs your initiative will focus on.

Summary and Objectives
EXPECTED OUTCOMES - Impact, scope and influence 
Expected Outcomes*

INITIATIVE PARTICIPATION – Provide a list of students, tutors, businesses and other participant names that will be involved in the initiative.

Initiative Participation

WORK BREAKDOWN – Identify the main activities of the initiative.

Work Breakdown*

INITIATIVE BUDGET / COST OVERVIEW Describe the type and the amount of resources required and estimate the overall cost of the initiative – if any.

Budget Cost Overview*