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Exhibitors Application Form

Thank you for requesting an exhibition space.

1) You can re-submit this form if you need to. If you do change anything significant, please let Maddie Read know by email:

2) Please make clear notes in the box at the bottom of the form if there are issues, questions or problems


4) Risk Assessment form must be completed - including a copy of your Public Liability Certificate. Link provided at the end of this form.

Finally - thank you! We look forward to seeing you.

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The Event which we wish to exhibit at
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If you require a vehicle close to the building to unload please note that the closest will be approx. 50 yards, and there is a limited of one parking space per stand. 
Will you require a vehicle close to the building to unload?*
We have a limited number of spaces with electricity as an option. If you require electricity then please note your item(S) must be PAT Tested 
Will you definitely require electricity?*
If you have responded "OTHER" to the question regarding electricity, please provide detail here: 
OTHER - Details
1m x 1m, or 1m x 2m tables are provided. There will be approx 1/2 to 1m behind the table. Table cloths are not included. If you wish to discuss different requirements please see below 
Which size table do you require?*
If you wish to discuss alternative options to the 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m table choices, please add information to the table requirements box below 
Table requirements
Other requests - please detail here:
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Please complete the Risk Assessment Form below. If you have any issues with the uploading system, please email the forms to 
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