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Criminal Convictions

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Declaration and Important Information – All students must read the following information

By submitting this application, you acknowledge you have read and agree to this declaration and all the conditions and requirements of your programme of study at Wintec (a business division of Te Pūkenga from 1 June 2022. All references to Wintec should be read as references to Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology).

Please note if you do not accept the declaration, your application will not be processed

Criminal Convictions

Unless covered by the Clean Slate Act 2004, Wintec requires you to declare any criminal convictions or pending charges for the purpose of establishing your eligibility and suitability for programme enrolment under the Education and Training Act 2020 and/or the Children’s Act 2014. It can also help us to advise and assist you in selecting an appropriate programme of study.

The requirement to disclose convictions or pending charges is ongoing and you must inform the Wintec Team Manager of your programme should you be charged with a criminal offence during your programme of study.

Wintec may require you to consent to a Police Check to allow Wintec to verify your conviction history and any sentences or punishments imposed. For certain programmes, a Police Check is mandatory (e.g. Children’s Workers programmes under the Children’s Act 2014) as specific criminal convictions will preclude a student from being able to undertake and complete practical components. Failure to provide consent for a Police Check, irrespective of whether mandatory under the law, may result in Wintec refusing to permit your entry into, suspending, or cancelling your enrolment in a programme of study.

If you have any questions or concerns about the potential impact of a criminal record or pending charge, you should contact the Student Enrolment and Information Centre.

Privacy Statement

The personal information you give Wintec is collected under the authority of the Education and Training Act 2020. The collection, use, storage, exchange and updating of your personal information will be in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

Your personal information is collected for the purpose of Wintec performing its role and function as an educational provider under the Education and Training Act 2020, including:

  • determining your eligibility and suitability for a programme of study or training;
  • establishing and maintaining academic records, such as enrolments and tracking your progress and results within a programme of study or training;
  • the administration and payment of tuition fees, including assisting with student loans and student allowances;
  • providing tuition and academic support;
  • providing student services (including the Students’ Association); and
  • maintaining discipline and order.

Your name, date of birth and residency status will be included in the National Student Index and will be used in an Authorised Information Matching programme with the New Zealand Birth Register. For further information, please visit the website:

Other personal information that you give Wintec (for example, on your skills, aspirations, family circumstances, mental and physical wellbeing) may be used by Wintec to provide support and assistance through pastoral care and to provide a better service to you.

Wintec may be permitted or required, under legislation such as the Education and Training Act 2020 and Social Security Act 2018, to compare or share (in order to check and verify) your personal information with other agencies such as the Ministry of Education, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Tertiary Education Commission, Audit New Zealand, Ministry of Social Development (in relation to student loans and allowances), Work and Income New Zealand, Inland Revenue Department, Industry Licensing and Registration Boards, Immigration New Zealand, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Wintec may also be required by law to release your personal information to agencies such as the New Zealand Police, Department of Justice, Ministry of Social Development (for matters other than student loans and allowances), and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

The personal information you give to Wintec may need to be shared with other educational organisations and/or placement providers (for work experience and/or work placements) so that you can complete practical components of your programme of study. Failure to provide consent for Wintec to share this information may result in you being unable to complete a practical component of your programme of study.

Under the Privacy Act 2020, you have rights of access to, and correction of, your personal information. Wintec will retain your personal information only for as long as required by law and in line with retention periods set out in the applicable Information and Records Management Policy. Please contact Wintec’s Privacy Officer if you wish to enquire about your personal information held by Wintec.

You are not legally obliged to give your personal information to Wintec but if you do not provide all the information requested then your enrolment application may be declined.

Student Declaration

By submitting this application, you agree to the following:

  • I declare that the information I have provided (or will provide), and any additional supporting documentation I supply, is true and that I have not left anything out that may impact on my enrolment application or ability to study.
  • I have read and accept the requirement to disclose to Wintec any criminal convictions or pending charges and understand that this requirement is on-going during my programme of study.
  • I have read and accept the Privacy Statement on this form. I authorise Wintec to provide my personal information to an educational organisation and/or placement provider for the purpose of having me complete a practical component associated with my programme of study.
  • I understand that if I make a false statement or do not tell Wintec of a material change in my circumstances that it may result in Wintec refusing to permit my entry into, suspending, or cancelling my enrolment in a programme of study.
  • If accepted into a programme of study, I understand that I will be subject to the Policies and Regulations which can be obtained from the Library, Faculty/Schools or the Wintec website ( I agree to make myself familiar with and abide by these Policies and Regulations and understand that misconduct may result in Wintec refusing to permit my entry into, suspending, or cancelling my enrolment in a programme of study. I am aware that the Policies and Regulations of Wintec may change and that I will be subject to any changes once they are formally ratified.
  • I understand all Wintec programmes of study or modules are subject to sufficient enrolment numbers and Wintec has the right to cancel an offering prior to commencement if there are insufficient enrolments for a particular programme or module.

I understand that if accepted I will receive a formal Offer of Place with instructions on how to finalise my enrolment.