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Module Selection - Postgraduate Health & Nursing Programmes

If you are re-enrolling into one of the following programmes: Master of Nursing, Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Social Practice, Postgraduate Certificate in Health and Social Practice, Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision, Master of Professional Practice,  Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing please indicate below the module(s) you wish to enrol into – details of the modules can be found in our Postgraduate guide.

If you’re not sure which modules best compliment your area of work, please tick unsure in the box below and we will contact you (students studying part-time usually take one module per semester).

If you would like to discuss pathway options or modules you can also email the postgraduate team at

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Declaration and Important Information – All students must read the following information

Please note if you do not accept the declaration, your application will not be processed

General Fees & Enrolment

a. On receipt of the invoice for your programme of study you will become immediately liable for all fees (including but not limited to; tuition fees, sundry fees, any late fee or debt collection fees) payable for your programme/modules of study. These must be paid in the manner prescribed by Wintec.

b. You may not attend any class without having paid all fees in full. In the event you attend class in breach of this clause then Wintec may, in its absolute discretion, remove you from the programme/module of study and take such enforcement steps to recover the applicable fees as may be necessary, at your cost.

c. If you are paying by student loan you authorise Wintec to take all necessary steps to collect all fees and course costs from your loan account.

Policies & Withdrawals

d. Wintec has the power to make statutes and policies under the Education Act 1989 – it is important you read these because when you accept and submit this Offer of Place you are accepting and agreeing to these. Our policies are available to view on the Wintec public website Any failure to abide by these may lead to the termination of your enrolment.

e. If you wish to withdraw from any Wintec programme/module of study, you must formally withdraw by completing and submitting the prescribed withdrawal form, available on the Wintec website.

f. Wintec will not refund any amount paid if 10% or more of the duration of the programme/module of study has elapsed (the withdrawal date is stated on your invoice). If you withdraw from a programme/module of study, you may be liable for an administration fee, irrespective of whether 10% of the duration of the module has elapsed. Full details are set out in the Fees and Refunds Policies for Domestic and International Students available on the Wintec website. Please ensure you have read and understood the refund policy relevant to you before accepting this offer and completing your enrolment.

Programme Enrolment Requirements

g. If your enrolment in a programme continues over two or more academic years you will be bound by the same terms and conditions stated in this declaration unless otherwise mutually agreed.

h. Wintec reserves the right to cancel any programme/module of study. If this occurs you will receive a full refund of your fees, or alternatively you may choose to have your fees transferred to another available programme/module of study.

i. Wintec may on completion of your qualification provide your name (and other relevant personal information) to your last Secondary School. If you do not wish for this information to be provided, please email us at